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The Freedom to Enjoy Cannabis

Here at Canna Freedom we represent more then just high quality medical marijuana. We believe that everyone deserves the right to enjoy Cannabis, to have that freedom without worry of being thrown into a cage as a punishment. Our goals are not only to provide our members with consistent medicine but to also educate the population on the benefits of Cannabis. We would like to see an end to Cannabis prohibition in the United States. If you believe what we believe, feel free to join us on this journey. We are saying that we will be solely responsible for this change we wish to see, however we are happy to play a part no matter how big or small.

Canna Freedom is a nonprofit organization comprised of compassionate patients and caregivers in California. Canna Freedom works to enhance the lives of qualified patients stricken with maladies alternatively relieved by the administering of pharmaceutical grade THC – Cannabis medications.

Canna Freedom provides a variety of services to members of the nonprofit collective of patients and caregivers including the delivering of prescribed THC-Cannabis medications to qualified patients, as well as providing information about the medications and helping patients understand the instructions their doctors or other health practitioners provide. Canna Freedom monitors their patients’ health and progress to make sure the medications are working effectively and safely.

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