Salinas Medical Cannabis Delivery Hours:

Mon-Sat 12PM-7:30PM

Sun 12PM – 6PM



Salinas* – $40 Minimum

Prunedale/Castroville – $80 Minimum

NOTE: Most deliveries are made within 45-60 minutes of you calling in your order. If we are experiencing longer then normal wait times we will inform you at the time of your call. *outskirts of Salinas that are more then 10 miles one way are subject to $80 minimums.


If you are a qualified Prop 215 patient with a recommendation from a licensed physician then please feel free to call us. We are the #1 delivery service for all your Salinas medical marijuana needs.

Please be sure to support our local NORML chapter for Monterey County. We need to get a Salinas medical marijuana dispensary and by supporting NORML you will help make this happen.

We believe everyone deserves safe access to the medicine that works best for them. In regards to medical marijuana, unfortunately there have not been many organized professionals approach our local politicians. Monterey County NORML is an organization that can help represent the honest, good people in this industry. The opening of a Salinas medical marijuana dispensary is simply a matter of time. If we all work together, work with the policymakers and continue our professionalism we will make a change.

There is so much potential in this county and specifically Salinas for the cannabis industry. A Salinas medical marijuana farming community would be ideal because of our already booming agriculture industry. Cannabis being a plant it only makes sense to add it as a sub-category of agriculture. Together we will make this dream become a reality, just look around. We already see this taking place in dozens of states and even recreational cannabis is becoming prevalent in a handful of states with California expected to get added to that list come 2016.